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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Journal of Young Scientist", Vol. 4
Written by Alexandru IONESCU

Integrated management of water resources approach promoted the development and management of water, land and their resources in order to optimize, balanced economic and social development without compromising the sustainability of ecosystems. The paper is presenting how water resources management was done in Berca community, from Buzau County, covering the full cycle of water use – from water intake of raw water, water treatment, water distribution, collecting waste water and discharging of treated wastewater in natural water bodies, and issues associated with the sustainable services of water supply and sewerage. In this work are presenting all the works contained in the systems of water supply and waste water, describingalso the water treatment plant(WTP) and the wastewater treatment plant, under construction at present.Currently, the Berca villageis supplied from groundwater sources, water treatment is made only through chlorination,the system works gravitational, and the wastewater treatment plant(WWTP) has a physico-mechanical leveland a biological level treatment.Some public institutions and businesses in Berca and neighboring villages, have their own pre-treatment equipment - septic tanks of wastewater resulting from these activities, the wastewater from these tanks are discharged into the Berca WWTP. These systems are managed by the company SC APAPRIMA BERCA SRL, founded in 2011, with only one shareholder, the Local Council of Berca. In conclusion, proper management of water resources in Bercavillage ensures environmental protection and elimination of risk factors for human health.

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