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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Journal of Young Scientist", Vol. 3
Written by Silviu BADEA, Andrei Liviu CHIRITA, Cristian ANDRONE, Bianca Georgiana OLARU

The aim of this study was to evaluate indoor-air microbiological contamination of the Land Reclamation and Environmental Engineering Faculty building from Bucharest. Samples were taken in May 2014, during both period of intense indoor activity (in the afternoon classes) and less indoor activity (during weekends). Total number of mesophilic aerobic bacteria, yeast and moulds from the air of selected rooms was determined using Koch sedimentation method. We used Petri plates filled with gelose medium to determine the total number of bacteria and Czapek-Dox Agar medium for the filamentous fungi identification. In many cases, a multiple growth bacteria and significant increase of filamentous fungi were observed, especially during intense indoor activity period. According to the standards of microbial air loading, the indoor air of the faculty is relatively clean.

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