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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Journal of Young Scientist", Vol. 2
Written by Anca-Maria BUZILĂ, Maria-Olivia MOLDOVAN, Maria-Daciana ŢIBREA, Eugenia URSU

The study conducted in this paper regards the comparative analysis of arc-to-chord correction between the Gauss-Kruger projected system and the Stereographic 1970 projected system. The correction is due to the fact that the measured direction between two points is actually a curved line, on the surface on a body such as an ellipsoid, that passes through these points. When projected onto a plane, the geodetic direction looks like an arc not a straight line. The angle that we compute from field notes is defined by the difference between two measured directions. Thus, the computed angle differs from the plane angle that we have to use when working with the State Plane Coordinate System. On the basis of the simple relation between spherical excess and arc to chord correction, formulas to compute the arc to chord correction for different map projections can be derived. In essence, research team aims to highlight the arc-to-chord differences obtained comparing the two projected system taken in consideration.

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