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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Journal of Young Scientist", Vol. 8
Written by Florina - Neluța TĂPĂLAGĂ, Katalin TÖRÖK, Veronica VESA

Keeping in mind the geographical position of Mărișel Ski & Snowboard Slope from Mărișel, which is at a hight of 1,150- 1,250 metres, we have developed a geographic informational system in order to conduct a research on the region’s slopes with the help of satellite images. The database was processed and managed through the methods and spatial analysis technologies offered by Google Earth and ArcMap applications. The collected information was then analyzed by Digital Terrain Model, as well as by specific terrain analysis technology. By analyzing the raster model, we have pinpointed the sunny areas of the slopes where the snow melts quickly, therefore presenting a disadvantage for the practice winter sports, and creating a need for the intervention of artificial snow machines. In order to discover the surfaces which contribute to water increase, we have ranked the area’s elevation points. Another purpose of the research was to determine the slopes’ exposition (Northern orientation), the direction of the drainage, as well as the drainage points in the vicinity of the pumping station. Having experienced both the spectacular view over Beliș Fântânele Lake, and some of the area’s adverse meteorological conditions, through the above mentioned process of collecting data, we would like to contribute to monitoring, developing and creating the most favourable conditions for winter sports on these slopes.

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