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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Journal of Young Scientist", Vol. 8
Written by Ștefania Cristina PANĂ, Elena Georgiana ZLOTEA

Renewable resources are important sources of energy with increasing interest recently, given that the current activities of the population, but also the expansion of industries, are irreversibly affecting exhaustible energy. Currently renewable resources are not sufficiently exploited, hence they are still of great interest to researchers, engineers and builders. This paper aims to provide an overview of the technologies based on renewable resources in nowadays construction. Given the impossibility of recovering consumed energy, the innovative solution for reducing energy use and its storage is the development of novel solutions of integration and involvement of renewable resources in construction. This should be performed from the design stage, construction using renewable materials, recycled or with minimal energy consumption, and up at the stage of building entirely green houses. Among the technologies based on the use of renewable energy resources used in construction, solar water heating systems, photovoltaic systems, heat pumps or heat recovery systems are frequently used. By involving these renewable resources in construction, the aim is to reduce energy consumption by stimulating primarily energy production and improving the following main sectors: economic, ecological, medical and last but not least the considerable improvement of personal comfort, thus respecting the rules imposed by the European Union in 2020 on operational energy conservation.

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