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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Journal of Young Scientist", Vol. 8
Written by Camelia - Georgiana BODNĂRAȘ

The role of filamentous fungi in terrestrial ecosystems is highlighted by numerous studies and research conducted by researchers around the world. Among the many roles they play we can list a few: filamentous fungi break down organic matter, produce enzymes of biotechnological, agricultural and industrial interest, they are used as biological agents to control plant diseases caused by microorganisms such as bacteria or fungi, phytophagous insects, fungi can establish cooperative relationships with plants – mycorrhiza, and last but not least, fungi have a role in depollution. This paper aims to draw the attention of all people regardless of social category, age, sex or living environment on the importance of the role of filamentous fungi in terrestrial ecosystems. Studying the literature available on online search engines we created a questionnaire with sixteen various questions that highlight the importance of filamentous fungi. In this case study we present a questionnaire addressed to people from different social categories, who have completed gymnasium, bachelor's, master's or doctoral studies, such as pupils, students, masters, doctoral students. The study shows us the extent to which they know about the importance of filamentous fungi in terrestrial ecosystems, the role and benefits of these organisms around us. The poll has accumulated a total of forty-seven responses.

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