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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Journal of Young Scientist", Vol. 6
Written by Claudia TIMIŞ, Lucian Vasile POPP

The assessment of agricultural land is an essential prerequisite for land organisation and use. Our goal is to create a bonitation map for the area subject to this study; natural bonitation is a quantitative measurement of the conditions which favour plant growth. The focal point of this evaluation is the land located in two villages from Fărcașa Township, Maramureș County, Romania. Forests, pastures and hay fields are already categorised as Class VI. Using the .tiff image of the area under study as starting point, we will create a geographic information system whereby, at the end, following an analysis of the space involving inquiries and joining, the plots of land can be assessed and categorised within a certain suitability class for field crops. The environmental conditions to be considered for this classification are related to geography, climate, hydrography and the physical and chemical features of the soil. This study also covers an assessment of the degree of base saturation and pH of the soil. Moreover, we will select the most suitable plot of land for field crops, based on the parameters used in this study, which were measured based on the samples taken from each land plot. The outcome will be presented as a map used for the evaluation of agricultural land.

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