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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Journal of Young Scientist", Vol. 5
Written by Alexandra-Maria GEORGESCU, Andreea DESPA

A novelty of our time is that humanity faces a global phenomenon whose consequences are still hard to assess by scientists, this phenomenon is global warming. Some people still doubt its existence however not only is it a real event but it is much more complex and urgent than it is considered to be. In the following reference we will evaluate if the phenomenon is favourable, dangerous or neutral for the global ecosystem. The idea of saving the planet may seem utopian, but it is necessary to think about the need to maintain a stable and beneficial climate in order to have an ideal habitat for human beings for as long as possible.
In this reference we also intend to describe the "fight" between those involved in climate campaigns versus climate skeptics / industrial groups. The ultimate goal would be to influence the audience and implicit, on climate policy making.

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