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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Journal of Young Scientist", Vol. 5
Written by Michele LA RUNA

This paper aims to present some aspects regarding the cadastral work in Italy. Cassini-Soldner is a afilactic projection, from the deformation point of view, that is arbitrary, usually from arbitrary was passed to equidistant (preserves the distances on a direction). The Soldner method was designed in 1809 in Germany. It uses as orientation ellipsoid the Bessel ellipsoid (1841). In terms of surface projection is a transverse cylindrical, the cylinder's axis is perpendicular to the pole’s axis and the cylinder’s tangent is at the origin meridian. The origin of the system is on the equator, the X axis is oriented on the north and the Y axis is oriented on the east. Unlike Cassini-Soldner projection, the Gauss-Kruger projection is a conform projection from the point of view of deformations (preserves the angles).

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