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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Journal of Young Scientist", Vol. 4
Written by Ewelina WERNER

A solar cadastre is also called as a roof cadastre or a solar potential map. This solution is to provide a geo-portal for potential users, which allows to define potential of solar energy for specific locations. It is based on a Digital Terrain Model and climate information available for this area. This kind of geoportals are made mainly as an initiative of the local government of the city. The aim is to increase public awareness of the advantages of using solar energy. Analysis of sunlight and solar potential maps can be used in various fields (like civil engineering, energy engineering and spatial planning) and stage of investment. These systems should be user-friendly, ie they should clearly show the information about the energy potential of the location and facilitate decision-making in investment in solar collectors. The aim of project was to analyse the available methods, which allow to determine the value of solar potential for the area (roof of the building) from DTM and energy possible to obtain from this area. The project shows examples of different models of the solar cadastre available to users of the world and their use. Selected solar cadastre maps available to users on the Internet since 2008 have been analysed. Then the maps were compared in terms of their usability and usefulness of the work related to spatial planning. The results will be used to create a solar cadastre concept in Poland.

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