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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Journal of Young Scientist", Vol. 4
Written by Răzvan Casian REBREAN, Denis MIHALI

This paper aims to present the technology of laser scanner which digitally captures the shape of physical objects using a line of laser light. Three dimensional laser scanner creates point cloud of data from the surface of an object. In another words 3D laser scanning technology is a way to capture a physical object exact size and shape into the computer world as a digital 3 dimensional representation. The first step of this kind of project is the field part. In this case was used a static way of measuring because of the scanner which was fixed during the measurements and was not placed on a moving platform such as airplanes, helicopters. The second step is the modelling part which can be done only by using special software for 3D modelling. This part is the most durable because of the point cloud data. In our software that we have chose to use, this data will be represented in a couple of colors such as: white, blue, red, green and yellow, each color having a meaning. Even though nowadays laser scanning technology is expansive represents a most suitable, better, faster way to take different type of measurements with a large type of data, than using a theodolite, a total station or even GPS technology.

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