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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Journal of Young Scientist", Vol. 3
Written by Raluca Veronica SERBAN

In this work it is desirable to show legal and technical aspects of extension of the water network in the town Holbav, Brașov county. Having regard to geographicalpositioning and orographic for the locality, legal aspects of this work aimed at removing some land areas of forest fund.To perform the measurements necessary to project the extending the network of water use has been made of a total station SOKKIA and apparatus GNSS. Total station was used in carrying out the lift network, being a network supported on known points.GNSS equipment has been used in determining the points station using their positioning by process static and the procedure Real Time Kinematics (RTK). On this occasion shall be investigated and process accuracy Real Time Kinematics (RTK) for the forestry sector and the factors that influence the accuracy. In the work of extending the network of water in this town Holbav, Brasov county desired positioning of a new water basin at an altitude of upper front positioning existing basin, with a view to enlargement, as well as more advantageous uses of the network, and profitable in relation to the cost of use of the network. From a technical point of view, the network of lifting has been carried out between the existing and new pit they wanted to place it virtually. Whereas it is desirable to place a new water basin inside Holbav locality, in a wooded area, concerned into the forestry of this territorial administrative units will reach legal aspect. So for the area where it is desirable the location of water basin must be that this area will be taken permanently out of the forest, and for the surface where it will place new pipes must be temporarily out of forest fund(for the work of fitting and location). In conclusion, in order to achieve a work for the forestry sector must be attained both legal aspects of the job, but special attention should be paid totechnical aspect from the point of view of the difficulty with which can also be done from the point of view of accuracy which is difficult to attain.

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