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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Journal of Young Scientist", Vol. 3
Written by Alina BALAN, Grigoras Mihnea GINGIOVEANU-LUPULESCU

The paper aimed to present the organization of immovable property registering process encompassed in cadastral works made in Republic of Moldova. It is based oIn this paper we aime to show the benefits of presenting and analyzing a certain topic using GIS , presentation which provides a good help for the people in charge of deciding something important. In our case , a company wants to offer the employees a small trip somewhere in a mountain resort where they can improve their skills of working as a team and create a closer connection between them . The company has a few options but it’s hard to make a choice for a certain destination, so someone decides to make a StoryMap which can be shown to the employees and to the people responsible for deciding the destination in order for them to choose the best option. The same method can be used for choosing an adecvate location when a company wants to expand or someone wants to open a new store. GIS can be used for any study or observation related to the location of something , having a large field of application . In our paper we will analyze a few possible mountain destinations in terms of which one has the most ski slopes, which one offers the best possibilities for accommodation and which one has the best location from a geographical point of view. There will also be a short presentation of each mountain resort containing some pictures from the resort and possibly even some live images from the ski slopes , so the people in charge of making the decision will be very well informed about each possible destination. In parallel with this StoryMap we will also locate the respective places in a 3D scene, wich will increase the understanding of the geographical location for that area. As a conclusion, this paper aims to show the benefits of using GIS in order to make the best decisions.n the 828-XII / 25.12.1991 law from Moldova's land code especially on the 12th and 13th articles. The four main registering categories are divided into primary, selective, massive and current recording of immovable property followed up by the principles and objectives of the registering process. An illustration of a primary massive registration of a field acquired under the law reveals a chain of certain particularities concerning content of immovable property, manner of acquiring the property and method of organization of registering process. Acquiring the property rights under the law has its own particularities as well. Further on, the 12th article provides that a committee is gathered in order to establish the various social categories of people that are entitled to receive land as owners whereas actual ascription of property is regulated by the 13th article, both of them assuring the legal foundation on which the right of property is formed. As a conclusion, the forming of immovable property implies the materialization of the right acquired under the 12th article of the land code. Moreover, the 12th article provides a rights authentication title for the land owner issued by central and local authorities.

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