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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Journal of Young Scientist", Vol. 3
Written by Simona SBURATURA, Mihai Cristian MUSCALU, Ancuta BODIRLAU

In all seismic areas, local and state officials and prudent property owner, establish procedures to assess the safety of buildings and other important structures following a main seismic event. Such decisions, in most cases, are based on visual inspections of possible damage to the structure. If the structure appears damaged, it is necessary to further examine and assess as to whether the damage condition of the structure presents an unsafe environment for the occupants of that structure. If available, instrumental measurements of shaking of a building or a nearby ground site are very useful to decision makers. In this sense the paper present a method to assess the building safety of Reinforced Concrete structures using seismic records made by seismic station. Both dynamic analysis and processing/recording of seismic events are made using modern techniques and equipment existent in Reinforced Concrete Laboratory. Mention that seismic equipment for strong motion records belongs National Seismic Network for Construction of National Institute for Research and Development in Construction, Urban Planning and Sustainable Spatial Development.„URBAN-INCERC”, and equipment was installed here on the base of cooperation protocol signed by the two institutions. The paper results are conclusive and are discussed both on the charts and analytical results obtained. The activities of this research were conducted under the supervision of PhD. Claudiu-Sorin DRAGOMIR, Lecturer in the Department of Environment and Land Reclamation at the Faculty of Land Reclamation and Environment Engineering Faculty in Bucharest in Bucharest.

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