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Published in Scientific Papers. Series "Journal of Young Scientist", Vol. 2
Written by Iulia Diana GLIGA

The present paper aims to evaluate the outcome and the progress of the ecological reconstruction works carried out in the old stand of the Pietrosul Rodnei massive by analyzing the variance for the main morphometrical characters of the installed seedlings. The afforestation composition was represented mainly by the Pinus cembra seedlings. In order to achieve the above mentioned target, one used the grid method to set up sample surfaces of 200 m2, realized the inventory of seedlings for each sample area and carried out the following measurements: the overall height of the seedlings, their growth recorded during the 2012-2013 vegetation season and their stem base diameter. The results of the measurements were statistically processed by calculating the coefficients of variation for different characters, as well as correlations between elements, the regression equations and by calculating the coefficient of regression. After analyzing the registered data, one concluded that all elements present a high and very high variability of the characters, due to the genetic diversity of origins, therefore the future of the newly installed stand is ensured and a proper and successful selection of tree can be performed + improving all analyzed characters, highlighting the elites and increasing the value of the stand. Following the performed correlations, one noticed a direct and distinct significant link between the height of seedlings and their stem base diameter. The differences between the average growth of the two analyzed seasons are differentiated on sample groups of sample markets. After carrying out the research and analyzing the obtained results, one can conclude the success and the opportunity of restoring old stands, as well as the ecological reconstruction of the area studied.

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