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Published in Journal of Young Scientist, Vol.I
Written by Bogdan DUMITRU, Georgiana BUTUC, Marius GRUIA

In Romania there are yet many old buildings, who have suffered damage during earthquakes in the last century. Securing them is an important issue for the owners and of course for the authorities. The paper analyses the maximum displacements at the top of the structures under seismic actions at different heights. Maximum values are compared with allowable limits specified in current design codes. The study was conducted for RC frame structures with different heights. As a novelty authors used as entry data for structural modelling, the resulting values from the non-destructive tests on concrete and reinforced concrete samples. In the first part of this study relative positions of the two intrinsic centers, CG and CR, were calculated. Then, RC frame structures that have the same shape in plan, but different heights were modelled using Autodesk Robot structural analysis program. Because the maximum amplification was at the largest structure height, the second part of the study was to determine the displacement for structures with the same height but different shape in plan. In conclusion, the paper emphasises the influence of the height regime on the displacement at the top of the building and irregularities that influence on the same phenomenon. The results are conclusive and are discussed both on the charts and analytical results obtained. The activities of this research were conducted under the supervision of Mr. Claudiu-Sorin DRAGOMIR, Lecturer in the Department of Environment and Land Reclamation at the Faculty of Land Reclamation and Environmental Engineering of Bucharest.

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